Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dream is a coin of your life - Circus in the mist

The circus has long been a popular entertainment resembling the naïve 18th century Epinal prints of it, with its lions' cages, its red posters plastered on walls all over the town, the smell of sawdust and the sound of the brass band leading the succession of acrobats, jugglers, conjurers, lion tamers, clowns and the rest. In France it is seeing a profound transformation. Reinvigorated by a generation of young artists.

Cantegril street


Blogger Anne said...

Hi...where did you took this photo? Looks like some kind of toy am i right?

2:38 AM  
Blogger Toulouse Photo Day said...

I took this shot in a jewellery. Around the Circus there were a lot of diamonds that no appear on the photo. Amazing, no!

9:31 PM  

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